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Mask Services

As the world's largest mask making operation, TSMC's mask service is the interface between designers and our world class fabs. Mask services are linked and synchronized between our manufacturing facilities through a computer integrated management (CIM) system. For advanced technology masks, TSMC routinely conducts optical proximity check (OPC) conversions of GDS data. Silicon process tools and process materials, as well as design-for-manufacturing (DFM) requirements, are covered by the OPC models to facilitate the largest production window. TSMC regularly conducts mask checks for electro-static discharge (ESD) damage, scratches, particle deposition, pellicle frames and aging to keep each mask in the best possible condition.

Data Preparation
  • World's largest mask-manufacturing capability
  • The most complete database of silicon-validated OPC optimized with TSMC's wafer processing technologies
  • Private or shared CyberShuttle® prototyping services where several designs share one mask set to lower NRE
  • Competitive turnaround time that enhances fast time-to-market
  • Masks have quality warranties