How to Persuade Executives to Sponsor Change: 5 Tips

Why is executive sponsorship so important and how can you persuade executives to sponsor change projects? Executive sponsorship plays a crucial role in the success of any major business endeavor, organizational change programs included. In a change management survey from Cloudbakers, for instance, 84% considered executive sponsors to be one of the top three influencers

Must-Have Digital Change Management Tools in 2021

In this post, we’ll look at a few types of digital change management tools that can help change managers streamline their workflows in 2021. Like every other business discipline, change management is becoming more digital by the day, so it is crucial to have the proper tools in one’s digital toolbox. Choosing the right tools

How Does Prosci Define the Dimensions of Change Management?

Understanding the dimensions of change management can improve the implementation of new organizational change programs. A thorough understanding of how change occurs at different levels of an organization can drastically improve the outcomes and performance of change projects. Below, we’ll explore these dimensions in detail and look at a few models that can offer a

The CCMP Change Management Certification: Pros and Cons

CCMP vs. Prosci – which is the better certification? And how do these certifications stack up against other change management certifications? A certification in change management can be an excellent way to boost one’s credentials and skills, but there are quite a few training and certification programs. In today’s fast-paced economy, where digital transformation and

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Workplace Challenges that Must Be Overcome to Succeed Post-COVID-19

Today’s business landscape is evolving rapidly, and as it does, new workplace challenges are emerging. To thrive after COVID-19, leaders must address and overcome these issues earlier rather than later. Below, we’ll look at a few of the major obstacles facing today’s workers, then discuss strategies for mitigating and overcoming those challenges. Workplace Challenges that

10 Management Principles for the Virtual Workplace

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To manage a virtual workplace successfully, leaders must be ready to adopt new management techniques and adjust their management principles. The virtual workplace, after all, differs in many respects from the physical office. Employees may enjoy the comforts of working from home, for instance, but at the same time, they are isolated from one another.